What we have

All you need now

  • * a lot of Technology
  • * a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • * a Tax Accountant
  • * a UI/Graphics Designer
  • * an MBA
  • * a Marketer
  • * a lot of retained freelancers, from Videographers to Software Coders

What We do

All you ever need

  • * Web sites, from cookie-cutter to custom for any size of business
  • * Growth hacking
  • * Branding and Identity
  • * Promo video production
  • * Mobile apps for Restaurants, Cafés, and other businesses, from pure presentation types to ordering and delivery services
  • * Tax accounting
  • * Business consulting
  • * Marketing Consulting
  • * IT Consulting

What’s in it for you

All we offer

  • * Assistance with start and growth of your business
  • * Business continuity assurance with technology solutions ranging from reliable hosting and security to scalable off-site IT infrastructure
  • * Peace of mind - you will not be alone in your effort to succeed
  • * Readiness to accommodate growth, customer acquisition and retention, and loyalty
  • * Risk aversion
  • * Stronger standing and increased business equity
Start today

AI Talent Sourcing and Hiring

QPage - the AI-Powered Recruitment and HR System

Similar to Recruitee, JazzHR, and Teamtailor. 

Easily integrates with Monster.com, Zip Recruiter, CV.ee

Used by Hiring managers, Recruiters, and HR teams to establish an efficient way to get the best candidates onboard.

Transform your recruitment tech in just a few clicks! 

Get QPage now

Source, assess, and hire the best candidates.

  • Nothing to install for your recruitment team
  • Robust SaaS platform
  • New recruitment and HR features added continuously
  • Automate your recruitment workflow
  • Automate emails
  • Automate interview scheduling
  • Run on-the-spot candidate assessments
  • Conduct selection in an unbiased way
  • Visualize job candidate information in a smart way
  • Analyze candidate's profiles automatically
  • Recruit resourcefully
  • Customize your hiring workflow
  • Stop guessing and take a data-driven approach

Intelligent (AI-powered), autonomous and collaborative recruiting tool that intelligently leverages data to insure you hire the best talent.

Let Artificial Intelligence engine do the first evaluation, easily schedule and conduct voice and video interviews. Save hours on each candidate project work.

Trusted by most innovative global companies.

Integrates with Monster.com, Zip Recruiter, CV.ee



Start Podcasting

With the descent of the pandemic governmental measures people and businesses are forced to re-engineer their business model and marketing strategy.

Why Start Podcasting?

Podcast can easily fit business objectives, whether they be marketing, training and educational or informative.

Save on Mobile Communications

Coming soon

Most people use mobile data on the go. Did you know that on average you use 3 GB of mobile data per month? That is for navigation, quick social networking and IP calls. The rest of data is used when you connect via WiFi (unmetered).

We picked the most affordable mobile service plan for your mobile data needs.

Red Pocket Mobile offers the most bang for your buck.

Red Pocket plans work on all major mobile networks in the USA. Recharge is easy. New, heavily discounted phones are available for purchase.

Websites for small business

What are the website options for a small business?

Make a website for my business fast

What we use to create websites

Normally we deploy a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Joomla!, Blogger or one of our own custom kits.

WordPress is a CMS veteran, a reliable, extensible and flexible Open Source platform to build and maintain a website of any size, shape or form. Our hosting partner will install and secure WordPress for free as a part of any hosting plan subscription.

Joomla! is yet another CMS platform that is over 10 years old and supported by developers, hosting companies worldwide. Our hosting partner will install and secure Joomla! CMS for free as a part of any hosting plan subscription.

Blogger (blogger.com) is a Google product and is hosted by Google for free. If you decide to go with just Blogger and just a website, all you need is to register a domain name. We will do the rest!

Domain Names

Manage a domain name

Register and manage a Domain Name

Any business will benefit from own domain name. Domain Name is a must-have if you want to look professional and attract clients.