Launch Inkscape on MacOS Mojave

A lot of users experience problems launching Inkscape on MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Inkscape refuses to launch on MacOS!

Launch Inkscape on MacOS Mojave

Here's one workaround for current MacOS build

Xquarz Terminal (xterm)

  1. Open terminal in XQuartz
  2. Type this: Applications/
  3. Hit Return (Enter) and your Inkscape will launch

Your Inkscape will launch. You will see a lot of errors in the terminal window and will have to launch Inkscape this way every time.

If you reached the point of despair, try the OSXMenu build with XQuartz/GTK integrate. You don't need separate XQuartz installation anymore.

OSX Menu

OSXMenu Supports MacOS native global menu.
  1. Remove Inkscape
  2. Download and install Inkscape OSXMenu

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