AI Talent Sourcing and Hiring

QPage - the AI-Powered Recruitment and HR System

Similar to Recruitee, JazzHR, and Teamtailor. 

Easily integrates with, Zip Recruiter,

Used by Hiring managers, Recruiters, and HR teams to establish an efficient way to get the best candidates onboard.

Transform your recruitment tech in just a few clicks! 

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Source, assess, and hire the best candidates.

  • Nothing to install for your recruitment team
  • Robust SaaS platform
  • New recruitment and HR features added continuously
  • Automate your recruitment workflow
  • Automate emails
  • Automate interview scheduling
  • Run on-the-spot candidate assessments
  • Conduct selection in an unbiased way
  • Visualize job candidate information in a smart way
  • Analyze candidate's profiles automatically
  • Recruit resourcefully
  • Customize your hiring workflow
  • Stop guessing and take a data-driven approach

Intelligent (AI-powered), autonomous and collaborative recruiting tool that intelligently leverages data to insure you hire the best talent.

Let Artificial Intelligence engine do the first evaluation, easily schedule and conduct voice and video interviews. Save hours on each candidate project work.

Trusted by most innovative global companies.

Integrates with, Zip Recruiter,